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(DISCLAIMER:  The review is a little over the top.  I wouldn’t call myself the inventor...just an adaptor.)

    Imagine a RED EPIC DRAGON Digital Cinema Camera at 6K resolution , perhaps floating in a slow subtle crawl, turning on a dime for a 360º close-up, then booms up and takes off, perhaps tracking someone running, then slowing down while making a gentle turn, and finally coming to rest on a close-up of......

    RedZephyrCam is what I call my RED  Camera flown by a Steadicam, flown in turn by a HandsFree Transporter.  The HandsFree, developed by HandsFree Transporter in Germany,  is a rare modified Segway (a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle that employs a sensor system of gyroscopes).  It is steered by foot pedals rather than the usual handle-bars, freeing my hands to operate the camera.  I built a hard-mount for my Steadicam so that its weight is supported by the vehicle, relieving me from the weight of the Steadicam and allowing me to concentrate on the shot.  Don’t want to use my RED Camera?  I can do the same thing with your film or video camera package;  up to a capacity of 26 pounds.

A RED Camera on steroids...

    Paul Kalbach is a Director, Director of Photography, Steadicam Operator, Editor, Artist/Composer and owner of Artichoke Productions in Oakland, California.  For more info, call 510.655.1283.

“Because life doesn’t stand still...”

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Photos & Behind the Scenes footage

by Holly Kreuter

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