RedZephyrCam Behind the Scenes


Carving some moves for a Mob Figaz music video, Jacka “Glamorous Lifestyle”, by Prime-Zero.

Use of RedZephyrCam saved Dandelion Studios of London and Studio Soi in Germany the time and expense of laying 300 feet of dolly track and then moving it again for each shot.

“Glamorous Lifestyle”, Behind the Scenes:  1:25

St. Vincent "Marrow" Music Video.  Streetgang Films. Terri Timely, Director.  Donavan Sell, DP  

Tweeking the rigs’ balance to shoot background plates for “The Amazing World of Gumball”, a combination animation / live-action series for Cartoon Network.

On the set of “Doggie Boogie” feature.  Romanus Wolter, Director.  Mickey Freeman, DP.

Some early experiments flying a Hero HD Stereoscopic 3D rig: